What Not to Do When Discussing Divorce with Your Spouse

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12th Jul 2012

Having the conversation with your spouse about getting a divorce is extremely difficult. But while neither party is likely ever going to come away from the conversation feeling good, you can at least avoid certain mistakes to prevent the situation from blowing up.

Here are a few tips about what not to do when discussing divorce with your spouse:

  • Do not discuss child custody or visitation: There will be plenty of time to have these conversations in less emotional settings. Bringing the children into it right away will likely only escalate the emotions you’re both feeling.
  • Do not let your emotions get the best of you: This is, of course, easier said than done, as divorce by its very nature is a very emotional process. However, if you manage to stay calm throughout the discussion, it will go a long way toward preventing the situation from getting out of control.
  • Do not talk about why you want the divorce: Getting into the reasons will only lead toward placing blame on the other person, which will lead to hard feelings and the greater likelihood of a contentious divorce process. Depending on the reasons you are seeking the divorce, you could also put yourself at risk of harm — especially if the reasons include a history of abuse.
  • Do not discuss your divorce on social media: As the saying goes, never air your dirty laundry in public. This will reflect poorly on you when you ultimately have to go through court proceedings for your divorce.
  • Do not make any promises about your property: Do not, for example, volunteer to leave your home. If you have any desire to live in your home moving forward, this could severely damage your chances of being able to do so.

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