Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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30th Dec 2016

Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
In most cases, an employee who suffers an on-the-job-related injury is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Common work-related injuries include: being struck by an object, overexertion in lifting, exposure to harmful substances, assault by another individual, repetitive motion, transportation accidents and falls, slips and trips. Available benefits vary depending on the type and severity of the work-related injury.
It’s imperative that an employee with an on-the-job related injury obtain the full benefits they need to facilitate their recovery and to pay their bills. Some of the benefits that may be available to employees include: payment of medical bills related to the work injury, temporary total disability benefits (wage benefits when the employee is temporarily unable to work at all due to the work injury), temporary partial disability benefits (wage benefits when the employee has returned to work, but they are receiving reduced wages due to the work related injury), permanent total disability benefits (wage benefits when it is determined that the employee is permanently unable to return to any sort of gainful employment) and permanent partial disability benefits (based on a disability rating from a doctor).  
Employees suffering from a work-related injury, including those listed above, may be eligible to receive the worker’s compensation benefits they deserve. Attorneys at Anderson Larson can handle a wide variety of injury claims while assisting you through this legal process. If you would like to explore your eligibility to receive workers’ compensation benefits, please contact Anderson Larson to set up an appointment with a workers’ compensation attorney.