Parenting Time

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23rd Mar 2017

One of the most common issues that is raised in dissolution or child custody matters is that of parenting time.  Typically, most dissolution orders involving minor children, as well as most child custody orders contain a provision related to the … more

Criminal Expungement

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15th Mar 2017

Criminal Expungement   Criminal expungement is the process of going to court to ask a judge to seal a court record. An expungement is when the court seals an individual’s criminal arrest and court record. The benefit of an expungement … more

Grandparent Visitation

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27th Feb 2017

If my child is deceased, has his/her parenting rights terminated, or is estranged from my family, do I as a grandparent have any rights to visitation with my grandchildren? Ideally, grandparents are able to spend time with grandchildren during their … more


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3rd Feb 2017

Many individuals have questions in regard to how to properly care for a family member or loved one who is incapacitated or otherwise incapable of making appropriate decisions.  To this end, Minnesota permits interested parties, such as family members, to … more