Paralyzing Accident Highlights Dangers of Trampoline Parks

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12th Jul 2012

A trampoline accident in St. Cloud has left a Brainerd man paralyzed.  Anthony Seitz, who was visiting the Airmaxx Trampoline Park with his son, was severely injured when he jumped off a trampoline and landed in a foam pit. His neck absorbed the impact, leaving him unable to move.

The injured man and his family claim that the owner of the venue did not make the foam pit deep enough to prevent this type of accident, making the venue responsible for the man’s injuries. While foam pits at trampoline parks are intended to safely catch patrons when they bounce off trampolines, there are no Minnesota or federal laws specifying the necessary depth of these pits — and trampoline parks are largely unregulated.

These parks have recently grown in popularity, spreading across the country as an affordable and fun destination for children, young adults and entire families. While injuries are always possible, the venues are typically designed to minimize dangers. To avoid lawsuits, trampoline parks often make visitors sign waivers. In this case, however, the victim claims he signed a waiver for his son but did not sign one for himself. Even without a waiver, however, the park’s owner is likely to argue that Seitz willingly took part in an activity that he knew could be dangerous.

While property owners and managers are typically responsible for making an effort to keep visitors and customers safe, a person voluntarily participating in a dangerous activity may be considered to have assumed the risk of injury.

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